"The car is perfect now. There is no need for improvement."

Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung, Berlin 1921

The commercialization of innovation is one of the most challenging projects companies can undertake.


I have therefore developed the approach "Innovation Management for the age of digital Transformation".

This approach optimizes your innovative power with the following cornerstones:


  • Optimized methods and tools of innovation management for your situation

  • A holistic approach to business and technology

  • Digital technologies and applications

  • Integrated and explicit risk and opportunity management

  • Based on my personal 20 years of international operational experience

  • It consists of the following topics:

This methodology is based on the world's most comprehensive evaluation of successful innovation organizations, the Body of Knowledge of the Product Development and Management Association, which I have also worked on. Furthermore, I have added this innovative model with my personal experiences, which I was able to gather in worldwide innovation projects:

  • The innovation strategy is based on this. This includes how the resources and abilities of an organization are targeted for innovation.

  • Portfolio management establishes the link between the innovation strategy and the projects in the innovation process. The aim is to maintain the optimum balance of innovation to meet the innovation strategy.

  • Stage-Gate®, Integrated Product Development (IPD), Lean Product Development, Agile Product Development, Design Thinking, Open Innovation ... The innovation process is about the disciplined execution of predefined tasks by which an organization repeatedly converts embryonic ideas into salable products and services.

  • In addition to an optimal market launch, the planed modification of an innovation during its life cycle is part of the product life cycle management.

  • Countless methods and tools can successfully commercialize innovations. It is not just about the selection of the optimal tools, but also about their appropriate application.

  • Innovations are successful if these are a benefit for your customers. Market and customer integration serves to ensure this.

  • The development and maintenance of a suitable culture, organization and teams is essential for the development of the innovative power of an organization.

  • Innovations also need the right metrics. With the aid of modern controlling, those data are collected and analysed,  and the organization is further developed.